Welcome, cosplayers. Welcome, fangirls and boys. Welcome, fellow nerds and geeks. Welcome, collectors, gamers, makers, and children of all ages! Welcome to P & K Made purveyors of fine homemade cosplay props, fandom inspired jewelry, and gaming accessories!

With a lifelong interest in costuming, learning how things are made, and creating is was natural that we began making larger and more complicated items. What began as a hobby in cosplay, making, and fiber arts has turned into a our small business. We specialize in cosplay props, pop culture inspired jewelry, tabletop gaming accessories, and nerdy themed fiber arts supplies.

Please visit our shop. Check out what stock we have on hand. And if you can’t find exactly what you want, we also accept commissions! Please check out our gallery to find examples of our cosplay, props, jewelry, and gaming accessories.

Find out more about the creators of our fine goods, Pete and Kim, by visiting Meet the Makers. There you can find out about their inspiration, take a peek at their work space, and learn about their process. Looking for tips, tutorials, and sneak peaks? Visit our blog and see what’s going on!

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Our booth at the 2019 Muggle Market.

Don’t mind the dust… We are a work in progress…